England in Sri Lanka - Playing Spin

The first test for England against Sri Lanka began this morning with Sri Lanka batting first and posting a score of 135 in their first innings. England in reply are currently 127 - 2 on these turning wickets.

Sri Lanka deciding to open the bowling with spin is something that the English top order would have expected but had very little exposure too over their careers in the UK. This got me thinking what do the pros say are the most important fundamentals when playing spin?

Below is a video from Graham Thorpe highlighting some tips and tricks he uses when coaching the England batters to play spin more effectively and with a greater level of consistency.

The key points I took from watching that video when playing spin are:

1. Picking length

  • If you cannot drive the ball, look to play back on the ball

2. Creating time

  • Giving yourself the time to play the ball where you want to

3. Be in a position to react

  • Allowing you to adapt what you are doing based on anything that happens during the delivery due to the position you are in

These are just a couple of nuggets that I took from that small snippet with Graham on playing spin. Please feel free to comment below any of your personal thoughts on playing spin and what has worked or not worked for you in your career.