James Anderson, is there anywhere he can't get wickets?

James Anderson yet again showed his class during the first innings of the Second Test against Sri Lanka.

He managed to get himself yet another 5-wicket haul showcasing just how good he has become all over the world. This feat has seen him overtake Glenn McGrath with number of 5-wickets hauls in Test cricket.

James Anderson openly admits the difficulty he has found playing away from home more than bowling in England due to the amount the ball swings in the UK. This has however not stopped Anderson working hard on his skills in these conditions and is now arguably England's most effective bowler all around the globe.

He has learnt an incredible skill of repeatability when bowling, very rarely bowling a bad ball, with subtle variations. I believe this is something we can all learn from and understand the importance of being consistent, not trying to vary deliveries too often. Sit in and let the batsman make the mistake.