Looking after yourself during lockdown

This current lockdown can bring up many challenges to each and every one of us. During these times it is important to make sure we all make the time to take care of our own mental well-being.

Below are a few methods recommended by MQ Mental Health Research to help improve your mental health during this Coronavirus lockdowns.

Stay Connected

  • The ability we have now with technology to stay connected via call, text and video calls with friends and family is a great way to break up the monotony of your daily life. This also helps you stay sane and make you feel like you are not getting through this alone.

Keeping Busy

  • People are turning to a huge range of activities to keep busy. A number of people have turned to things like DIY or learning a new skill as well as music being commonly used a distraction technique in these current times.

Getting Physical

  • Research clearly states that physical and mental health are closely linked. The important bit to remember is that physical exercise can be anything from a strenuous home work out all the way through to a gentle walk once a day.

Managing Information & News Intake

  • There is so much news at the moment on the TV and on social media, often with a number of scary or negative messages. Research has shown some trends towards improved mental health when limiting your exposure to the news and filtering or avoiding unreliable sources.

Importance of Routine

  • Quite possibly one of the most important areas in my opinion is the importance of a daily routine. The ability to plan and have some structure to your day will help to bring some normality back your lockdown life.

I hope this may give you a couple of insights into potential ways of looking after your mental health. More information on this is common place on Google however I have also linked some articles below if required.

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