Oh it's the pitch

Lot's of interesting natter about the state of the pitch in the second test between India and England and truthfully, it spoils the spectacle a little. It's the modern way; when things get tough, let us moan about it instead of knuckling down and cracking on. We all do it, me included, but I'm always astounded at the lengths people go too. The sense of a personal injustice if I may.

India are one nil down in a must win series. A world championship final spot is a stake. They produced a road at the very same ground just last week and got a result they did not want. So, should they:

a) produce another neutral wicket that allows England back in to this game?

b) prepare something that will help them win?

I know what I would be asking for if I was Mr Kohli. And, whilst I have not watched every ball, and equally did not see the Stokes dismissal, the bits I did see or rephrased what exited me from this match, rather than the state of the wicket, was:

a) Foakes's incredible wicket keeping (throughout); some calling him the best in the world at the moment.

b) Spinners bowling superbly well and at times, got me thankful I did not have to bat

c) a steady, necessary spell of containment from Broad which resulted in 2 chances.

d) Sharma, Ashwin and Kohli being outrageous with the bat

e) India's fighting spirit

f) Ollie Stone's return to the test side and an impressive 15 overs in the 1st innings.

g) how quickly England folded; is it technical concerns or mental pressure of what is in front of them?

So what's next? Can England make a real fist of it? Will we see two batters get big runs and learn the art of batting against spin in the best conditions to do so? Or will we wake up at 7am and it all be over, red rover.

Here's a professionals take on the deck, Jonathon Agnew from the BBC. Click on the link to access the article. It's another way to look at what is going on.

(Groundsmen: with the test match being played on a strip not to far from this one, is there a case to say that this wicket was compromised in the preparation phase?)

Right, or wrong, happy or sad, India will go into Test 3, at 1 a piece and that keeps this serious alive for the neutral. Happy days and long live Test Cricket.

SOURCE: BBC Sport website/ Jonathan Agnew. BCCI photo