Physical Challenges Post #1

Through out this lockdown I am going to routinely share some physical home challenges that everyone can complete. They will involve little / no props or equipment other than things that can easily be found around the house. Get involved and I look forward to hearing how you all do!

#1 The Shoe

What You Will Need

  • A shoe


  • Balance a shoe in the air on the bottom of your foot

  • Attempt to flip your body 360 degrees all the way around without the shoe falling off your foot

  • To make this harder try a lighter shoe as these will make it harder to balance while you are turning.

#2 Equilibrium

What You Will Need

  • A long object e.g. cricket bat, stick, broom, mop etc.


  • Balance the item in the air with the palm of your hand (progress to 4 fingers and then less fingers before moving onto other body parts)

  • Attempt to balance the item upright in the air for as long as possible without it falling

  • To make this harder try moving around something, using a shorter object or moving at a faster pace

Please give these a go as very easy and will certainly practice some core skills needed within cricket.

Comment any personal best times below and any progressions / other ideas you have had for some physical lockdown challenges.

SOURCE: YouTube - Arat ja Ujot