Physical Challenges Post #2

Here is the next instalment of some physical challenges you can do at home.

#22 Shot Challenge

What You Will Need

  • A basket

  • Soft items to throw into the basket


  • Place the basket somewhere in the room

  • Put some markers at increasing distances away from the basket

  • Start at the closest marker, throw you item into the basket and move backwards with each correct shot.

#37 Wall Squat

What You Will Need

  • A wall


  • Stand facing the wall with your hands and face as close as possible without touching

  • Try to complete a deep squat without moving your feet or face further away from the wall

  • To make it easier at the beginning start a little further away from the wall in your starting position and begin to move closer the more confident you get

Please give these a go as they give you some excellent foundation skills useful within both cricket and a number of other sports.

Comment any personal bests below plus any progressions / other ideas you have had for some physical lockdown challenges.

SOURCE: YouTube - Arat ja Ujot