Pre-delivery movements

Some of the greatest batters of all time never moved pre-delivery. Sir Don Bradman is a great example, he simply laid his bat by his feet, stood very still and reacted to what he saw.

Here’s what lockdown looked for cricketers in the 1940’s

Modern-day cricketers are ever swaying towards a trigger to make them feel more ready. In a previous blog, I’ve talked about how Dom Sibley appears to ‘pull’ himself into his. I saw another way to trigger today, Pakistan’s Fawad Alam stands facing the bowler when he’s running in.

Here he is in practice, giving us a great display of grooving his hitting areas and taking the time to trigger.

You may have seen this type of trigger before, West Indian Shivnarine Chanderpaul did something very similar towards the end of his career. However they start, they all have one thing in common, they all end up in balanced ‘ready positions’ at the point of release.

Kevin Peterson takes us through his trigger movement, he also talks about the golden thread of batting, head position!

Triggers & Bowling Machines

Batters generally trigger when a coach lifts their hand prior to feeding the ball into a bowling machine. Self-feeding bowling machines, similar to the ones Suffolk use (like The Merlyn), beep or flash a light moments before the ball is released, giving you just enough time to trigger (get it out the way), so you can be still at point of release. Other machines have a full 3D screen with any bowler of your choice running in at you.