Reaction Catching

Since watching the first Test between England and Sri Lanka it struck me for how much of the game there are a number of close fielders around the bat. This is something that is not as common in the UK but in overseas games it is common place to see fields like this one below.

Due to lockdown and us not being able to go out for formal cricket training this is a great example of skill we can all practice at home outside, indoors with lots or a confined space.

Below are some ideas of drills I have found online that could be done at home on your own or with a member of your family:

Table Tennis Ball Reaction Catching

Drop Feed Reaction Drill

React To Command Catching

These are just a couple of options online to help improve your reaction times and close catching during lockdown so why not try, have a go and see how you get on!

SOURCE: BBC Sport, Essex in the Community, Invicta Cricket