Reducing the risk when sweeping

The image below illustrates the key points when playing any sweep shot

In my opinion, the line of the ball plays a key factor in determining which sweep shot you can play, with low risk but high reward.

Pitching outside off stump – Slog sweep, as the ball is outside off stump you are able to play with a full swing of the bat, with the contact point being when your arms are fully extended so enabling maximum power. You are looking to hit this to the boundary over wide mid-on/mid-wicket.

Pitching in line with the stumps – Paddle sweep, reducing the bat swing and directly placing the bat towards the path of the ball. Allowing the ball to hit the bat will reduce the risk of cramping yourself and ultimately missing the ball. You do not need to generate power for this shot you are simply using the pace of the ball. You are looking to hit this ball very fine.

Pitching on and outside leg stump – Classic sweep, arms fully extended at point of contact for maximum power, with a full high to low bat swing reducing the chances of a top edge. You are looking to hit this hard and on the ground square of the wicket.

Playing the sweep shot creates run-scoring opportunities from good length deliveries and makes the bowler rethink which areas they can bowl in. It also enables you to manipulate the field allowing you to create other scoring opportunities.

Please see a short video of Ian Bell demonstrating the three sweep shots:

SOURCE: youtube/Jaguar Academy of Sports and cricket home schooling