Root's desire; can we take something from it?

How does Joe Root keep the desire to score runs; that pure hunger for runs? What a player. What a batter. What a leader. The ULTIMATE run machine.

Is this desire from being in lockdown and missing the game that makes you/him hungry to want to get better and take hold of the opportunities compared to what we are used too? The tradition list of fixtures that came thick and fast (basically, playing to often perhaps). The fear of not knowing when your next innings is due, thanks pandemic, may have created some additional hunger?

Or is it simply wanting to be the best player in the world and the greatest ever English batter his main drive? No matter what the reason, Joe is in an incredible run of form. How do you replicate this for and keep it going for as long as possible?

My thoughts run along these lines:

- keeping the game plan simple

- play to your strengths, always

- accept and embrace the difficult scoring times in your innings and ride these out

- build partnerships

But most of all, enjoy batting and being out in the middle. And, this is clear in Joe's batting. He takes responsibility and he enjoys it.

Reading this article, how do you reflect? Do you continue to train, train technique, train your mindset, grow stamina and strength? Take every opportunity to get better.

My biggest tip: LOVE batting and WANT to do it, regardless of the situation and conditions.