Skipping but not just skipping...

Skipping can improve stamina, focus, co-ordination, lower leg muscles, core and more!

In the video below, Jimmy talks about skipping and the other activities such as squats, press-ups, and side planks the team has been given to do whilst in lockdown in their hotel rooms in India. Moreover, Jimmy specifically talks about the recent benefits of sprint training he undertook prior to the recent Sri Lankan tour.

Click on the picture above to take you to Jimmy's interview.

And here's another great, Sachin Tendulkar demonstrating his skipping routine during a lockdown. (again, click on the picture to what the video).

And a little bit closer to home, Dane Veness, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Surrey CCC describes how and why they have now incorporated skipping in the training of the pros! (click on the badge to view)

So here is our challenge!

Give it a try. Can you do 30 seconds on 30 seconds off five times? Use any old rope or washing line if you do not have a skipping rope. Or, try it without a rope and incorporate other activities such as reaction catching.

SOURCES: BBC, Time India, DNA India Photo, Surrey Facebook

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