Sri Lanka's dismal display

I may be behind, but I have just watched the highlights of Day 1 of the first Test between Sri Lanka and England in Galle and am amazed at how dismally the former played.

Let’s be absolutely clear here, the wicket was as good as it gets for a test in the sub-continent, England’s spinners were not producing excessive turn and the seamers were bowling well but nothing more than steady. Having won the toss, the Sri Lankan batters should have been licking their lips.

So why did they implode?

Here’s Grant Flower, former Essex and Zimbabwe Test Cricketer and current Sri Lankan Batting coach, giving his view.

His interview is super honest and can be summarised as follows:

- Players are to blame for their dismissals, bar one which was unlucky

- There were no obvious technical faults on display

- It is maybe a hint of the hiccups from their previous series in South Africa

- It is, absolutely, all MENTAL

So, as batters or coaches, if we find ourselves in Sri Lanka's shoes, what do we have to do differently in the second innings and how are we going to do it? How can they improve (they could not display any worse) over the short term (immediate test) and long term (through the series and on to the next).

Let’s get some comments flowing below before I share my thoughts.

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