The importance of visualisation and videos

Here's a short read by Zak Crawley, a current England Test cricketer, about the positive impact visualisation and videos have on his game.

Zak Crawley Interview

Zak has clearly taken it one step further and visualises everything, adding it into his pre practise routine. I love the way he references watching videos (of himself batting, games that have occurred in similar conditions to what he'll experience and the type of bowlers he'll face) so casually.

It is such an important tool for any developing player and definitely not done enough at the grassroots level. With technology and iPhones (other phones available too) as high-tech and simple to use as they are, it's a crime not to film yourself regularly.

Thinking back, I did a lot of visualising (playing out the game in my head; facing conditions, seeing bowlers running in, the shots I would play, batting with my teammates, raising my bat for a hundred, what the ground looked like and how I would feel) the night before a game but stopped short of sitting in a dark room. This coming summer, having read the above and improved my technology usage, I will aim to film one of my batting sessions a week, think about training the night before and continue with my pre-match visualisation.

Comment below on what your pre-match routine is, was or will be.

Source: Daily Mail Online