Training the Mind - Russell Wilson

As athletes, we train the body,we train ourselves to be able to run fast, throw farther, jump higher and do these different things,but why don't we train our mind?

Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL, comments here about the importance of training the mind and his journey through life.

This short video clip highlights the way in which he, as a top athlete, helps keep his mind focussed on always improving and never focuses too heavily on previous failures, always looking forward to the now.

One of the key points that he talks about through this video is to "stay focused on the moment" and it's ok to have emotions but just to try and not be emotional. I personally feel this is some great advice for cricket, there are plenty of moments in a game or at training where you can focus on the past but actually the best players reset and focus clearly on the next ball and next moment in the game.

Have a watch and see what you can personally draw out of this video and comment below if there is something you take from this talk by Russell Wilson. Also please comment below any links to videos or talks that you have found interesting that best talk about training the mind for sport. This is a key element to sport, often overlooked by athletes or all ages and abilities.