Will you be bowling ready?

Below are some ideas to keep your body acclimatised to the overhead action and some bowling specific strengthening exercises. These can be carried out both indoors on horrible days like last Saturday and outside on sunny days like Sunday. Minimal equipment and space are required but parental guidance for the indoor bowling with softballs is advised!

Let’s start with a video by Joel Hamilton. I chose this one as it can be done in a very confined space. However, don’t try this on a shiny floor with only socks on.

“Do this a couple of times a week to improve your strength and stability as a bowler and become more consistent”.


Be Inventive

The sleet and snow put a stop to our planned activities on Saturday so we tried an indoor bowling routine after moving a bit of furniture.

.. and on sunny Sunday

"Bowlers can bowl off a shorter run against the wall just to stay in some kind of rhythm and keep track of their bowling action that can be lost easily during a long break."

Ramji Srinivasan

Below is a video of Freddie trying to bowl at a target on the wall of our house and then into a bucket with an incrediball on the village green.

SOURCE: Australia cricket institute