You are awesome

Matthew Syed has written many books, lots of which have helped shape parts of my coaching philosophy. This book, YOU ARE AWESOME, is one of my favourite. It was recommended to me by a close teacher friend, who hands it to all his GCSE students, and it thought me great life skills that I still apply to my every day routines.

YOU ARE AWESOME will help you find practical steps to becoming more confident, teach you how to think positively about yourself and enhance your growth mind-set thinking. It left me simply, inspired to try achieve my 'greatest'.

As a full time coach, I deliver lots of individual coaching sessions to batters and I now always strongly urge my clients to engage with the book before we even start looking at the technical elements of their games. Some don't of course, and that is their choice but those that do, flourish. It is non-negotiable. The number one myth our game offers us is that changing your technique will enhance your performances. I am a firm believer in enhancing the mind-set is the real game changer; be a mindful cricketer. That will bring you massive shifts in your performances.

But what I like most about it; I go back to it almost weekly for further inspiration, reminding of steps and mind-set enhancing strategies.