You will be starting your cricket career with a bang if you make the Shockwave your first cricket bat. Designed to stand out in the fast-changing world of cricket, the Shockwave Strikeforce Kashmir Willow bat will be the must-have bat for youngsters that are new to our great game.


The vibrant blue colourway will appeal to cricketers old and new, and there is no doubting that this cricket bat will be the talk of the school. The aggressive sticker designs are dramatic and in your face – two traits that describe the modern game of cricket. The Shockwave Strikeforce bat is a brilliant first bat for a junior player taking on the challenge of a hard or soft ball.


With a high middle and pronounced swell, the Shockwave Strikeforce bat will prove the perfect stepping stone into larger, adult sizes. Handcrafted from Kashmir Willow, the Shockwave Strikeforce has a powerful middle and pronounced edges – sixes will be plentiful in school cricket matches across the world.


The fractured sticker design is the perfect look in the chaos of T20 cricket, but the trusted name of Gray-Nicolls should bring you peace of mind that this is a brilliant cricket bat.


The Shockwave cricket bat is fully quality controlled in Robertsbridge and hand-picked in the bat cave to suit your chosen specifications. The Shockwave Strikeforce bat is available in size harrow to 5, and comes with a natural buffed finish.


  • Designed by our product experts in Robertsbridge, charged with bringing batsman every advantage possible.
  • Handcrafted by the master bat makers at Gray-Nicolls around the world.
  • Eye-catching fracture sticker design that draws the eye to the pronounced middle
  • Distinctive cold blue colours across the entire Shockwave range
  • High swell, allowing batsmen to hit the ball on the up, out the ground.
  • Full profile and intimidating edges give batsman extra confidence to clear the ropes
  • Quality controlled in Robertsbridge
  • Finish: Natural Kashmir Willow Blade
  • Semi-oval handle for comfort and complete control

Gray-Nicolls Strikeforce Cricket Bat