A new concept bat from us in 2020 the - TWO THREE TWO - balance point, each bat balanced in a high middle position providing consistent pick up and balance with an excellent performing high driving area. 


Our highest middle bat of the range with an extended spine profile, inspired from some of our first shapes Edward made, perfected over the last few seasons the soft concaved profile with high spine presents an excellent style providing lots of power throughout the blade. 


  • New for 2020
  • Traditional semi round face profile 
  • Two three two mid to high balance point 
  • Light to mid face bowing 
  • Soft concaved profile with solid sweeping edges and matching spine
  • Slim soft semi oval handle
  • High driving area
  • Extended spine profile running from splice into toe
  • Available in Sizes 4 to Harrow in two Grades
  • Round toe shape with chamfered toe angle 
  • New charcoal diamond labels, gloss white embossing and borders with white chevron grip
  • Fully handcrafted batmaking, all individually handmade by Edward J N Garrard 

Junior 2.3.2

PriceFrom £100.00